Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year ...yada yada yada

First post of 2013.
It's a little late but it's better late than never.
I along with every other person in the universe have a list of ways to better myself this new year.
While I do believe in the power of goal setting and in being intentional I believe it is just as  important to look at how far you have come. It gives you the sustainability to reach your new goals.
I decided to not only look at what I wanted to change but what good habits I had developed in 2012 that I wanted to continue. Let's be honest 2012 was enough change to last an entire decade.
First new habit I want to keep is the fact that I have purposely worked on being less flakey. I use to be terrible at saying yeah I think I can come and then just not star friend there. Some how despite the lack of friend talent I was showing I managed to hold on to an amazing group of friends. I spent 2012 trying to be a better friend. I think I have improved. I think my word has become to have more of a value. If I say I am going to do something I at least try. I hope that they feel like more of a priority now. I want to continue trying to be a good friend because honestly I feel like it makes me a better person all around.

I have also gotten on a bit of a health kick. It's not even a health kick its a new me. I lost 47 lbs between May and December. I am freaking proud of that. Even more proud that I didn't gain it all back. My goals for 2013 are less of a weight goal although 15 -18 more lbs would be great. My goals are more to do a 10K, do a half marathon, become confident in a two piece. Be so confident in my two piece that that proof goes on Facebook. We all know if its not on Facebook it didn't happen. :)

I would also like to see my eating change to be more "clean". Everyone means something different when they say clean. My definition means that I am no longer depending on frozen meals for lunch and that I am eating less fast food. I would also love to kick my caffeine habit ( it is truly an addiction) but let's be honest...I don't think anyone could handle the bitch-fest that would result it.

I also have some professional goals as well as making new friends and trying new know same old self improvement.

I decided to do Kassie's over at Southern Girl Gets Fit Red Bikni challenge. I needed something to make sure I didn't loss momentum.  My goal is to have such awesome legs like those of Ms. Noel over at Elle Noel ( check out her post from's inspiring) that I don't have to wear a swim skirt. I can rock something like this

And so that I can go out downtown in something like this...and my thighs won't rub together ( nice image there, right?

I also decided to do a Valentine Blog Swap ... I know look at me being all involved in blog world.  I figured first single valentines in 5 years I better associate that day with something positive quickly before a cry fest and wine fest explodes everywhere.  Check it out over at Sealed With A Kiss!

That's more than enough for this entry.


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  1. I love that bathing suit! I actually saw it and almost got it myself! but, I ended up going with something different haha I also signed up for a half marathon...thatll be in May for me! Good luck..we got this!