Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Swap = Blogger Fail

I was part of the Will You Be My Valentine Swap over at ABCDE  and    Sealed With A Kiss with Kaitlyn and Eryka. When you participate in a swap you dream of everything being coordinated and beautifully packaged but then reality hits.
I was given Cara over at The Marvelous Flight of Cara . Poor girl probably hasn't gotten her package yet.
The swap didn't start out as an uncoordinated mess. I loved getting to know Cara by stalking her blog. The things I learned most about her is that she LOVES her husband, Valentine's day, Hello Kitty and the color pink.
I hope I'm not spoiling anything for her by posting this but I wanted to send her a kit to make Valentine's or any day with her husband extra special. I included a heart cupcake pan, cupcake flags, sprinkles, note cards for her goal of sending 100 letters  and a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. Sounds awesome right?  Obligatory blogger pic of the goodies?
Yep, thats it. Laid out on the counter at the post office as I attempt to stuff it ( yep stuff it) into a box to get it to her in time. It may not be beautifully packaged but the sentiment is there. I hope you enjoy it!
I on the other hand got a very awesome on time goodie box from my Valentine Katie over at Katilda.
I loved opening the box to find so many goodies! Katie's note to me mentions the one thing that I am known for my love of Hanson. Yes, Katie if the limit hadn't been $10 tickets to any Hanson show would of blown my mind. I did however love the box anyways! She got me heart shaped measuring spoons. Mint nail polish that I have been looking for since last summer and a heart garland. The heart garland is currently being used to decorate my office. It will stay up all year more than likely.  I have already used my measuring spoons to make cupcakes for a special birthday.
Thank you for the Valentines!!!

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  1. haha don't you even worry that I did NOT mail your box by the Feb. 1 was more like Feb. 5 or 6. So, you're not alone :)