Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review of a Quarter of a Century

I meant to write my birthday blog yesterday but I was busy living in the sue me I'm late.

Dear First Quarter Century of My Life,

It is officially your close. I will miss you. We have been through many firsts together; first adult job, first car that I actually bought, first time to live alone, first pet, first love and first heart break. There have been so many other “life experiences” that you brought me: not one but two degrees (Sic’ em Bears and thank God that Masters is over!), the whole “college experience”, introduced me to some of the best friends that I ever could have made. Every time I write my check for my student loans I think of them and how they are worth every penny of it.  You also brought with you some of the less pleasant adult stuff…paying bills on my own and growing up in ways I never thought I would need to. I may be scared of being considered in my late 20’s but something tells me that besides the reduction in the cost of my car insurance there are lots of incredible things waiting to come.  I do hate to part with you but I believe the next 25 years are going to be awesome.

Thank you for each and every experience,

Now let’s discuss how I showed the 1st quarter century out the door!

First, I celebrated at work by having my cubical “cubed”. The girls at work decorated it in a Baylor theme to help me welcome the new football season.

I was surprised later that day by a special gift from my Baylor Girls. They had these gorgeous flowers delivered. I cried when I read my card. I am serious when I say my friends are worth the student loan payment.
 I live in the Heart of Texas which is famous for a certain drink called a Mexican Martini...lets just saw its all the good parts of a margarita but all grown up...and strong. On your birthday you get a free one at a local restaurant. I must say when I heard this it became a must do for my birthday.

I then got talked into being irresponsible and stayed out way too late enjoying the Spazmatics at a local bar. What are the Spazmatics you ask? Just the best 80's cover band ever. They dress in different costumes for the different shows. Last night they were nerds. They also gave me a  happy birthday shout out and started a little chant for me. It was awesome. Forgive the blurriness but I was enjoying the show. 

What's the best part of closing out the 1st quarter century and saying hello to the new one ? Giving myself a present. Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait to find new ways to wear it.
Lastly, if you remember anything remember this fortune cookies on your birthday are extra special messages. Take it seriously bed.

- J

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