Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stupid Christian, Edward and Disney

Edward.Christian. Damon. Stefan. Every Disney Prince ever.
What do these men have in common?
They all taught me unreasonable expectations for relationships.
Be completely and wholly devoted from the beginning? No problem.
Never look at another woman because you are the only attractive woman to them? Ok.
Tell you you are gorgeous, sexy, beautiful and hot every moment of every day? Absolutely, because we all know men have great verbal skills.
Say how much and ardently they love you without being asked? Again, great verbal skills.
Stalking is an expression of love? Umm sure if you say so.
Agree with you that their ex's are bat shit crazy? Of course, because they are completely devoted to you.
More than willing to be in a committed, monogamous relationship right from the start? Duh, because stalking more than one girl at a time is a pain.
Hearts, candles, loves notes, flowers and jewelry?  Sure, because romance and chivalry aren't dead at all.
Desperately want to marry you. Will do anything to make you marry them? Yes, that is totally how it plays out in real life.  That is why there are so many of these being are super excited to get married.
I just want someone who tells me I am beautiful. Who walks in from work and gives me a kiss. Who tells me they love me without being asked.  Who loves to hold me. Who does not mind working on the relationship because I am worth it to him. I really would just settle for a note saying " Hey Beautiful, I love you and can't wait for you to be my wife."

Is that too much ? Not according to popular literature. :)


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