Friday, August 17, 2012


I decided in an attempt to actually  try blogging and to meet new amigos  I would link up to a new series started by one of the blogs I stalk follow.  I have no idea how I found her but  you should check out Brie over at   Sophistifunk. She introduced a new series called Always, Sometimes, Never ( sounds like a drinking game, not that I am familiar with those).

Here we go...

Always : I struggle with technology.  I would still have a flip phone , desk top, and be using Zanga if friends had not intervened. 
Sometimes : I scream at my computer, cellphone, T.V. and other electronics  when they don't work as well as giving them two taps on the side. You will be surprised how often the two taps to the side fixes the problem.
Never: I will never figure out how to put the cute A.S.N. button on my blog without some serious intervention from a senior blogger.  I am ok with this.

Always : I will always be a diehard Hanson fan. I can not explain the loyalty. Always, no matter how many kids they have  Issac, Taylor and Zac will always be my first loves.
Sometimes: On really bad days at work I pop in Middle of Nowhere and sing along to ever song. Also when adult beverages are involved I can be found singing along to Snowed In at the top of my lungs July.

Never: Will I forget my first Hanson concert at the ripe age of 24. I felt like a 12 year old girl all over again and I have the autographed CD to prove it.

Always:   Will I struggle with finding a love for yoga. I know its good for you. I know you need to cross train. I know strength training is good for women. Yes, I want the yoga body but I am not a "zen" person.

Sometimes:  I fall in yoga class. Sometimes I look at what the instructor is doing and I laugh out loud. My body does not move like that but I try hence the falling in yoga class.
Never:   Will I be a human pretzel. Never will I be balanced on one foot with my body in a bow and I am ok with that.

Big plans to celebrate my move into the late twenties ( even though its still a few weeks away ) this weekend. Karaoke and tacos anyone? I can not wait!


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