Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Real Life

So I fell pray to society's pressure...I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey. Oh! Naughty isnt it?
So very very shocking.

Lets get a few things straight I am only 100 pages in and in real life Christian Grey should be in jail.
What Christian Grey a criminal? That's blasphemy?  He can't be not with those gorgeous grey eyes and wiry hair she is always dreaming of running her hands through ( just touch it already!!!!).
 Not only is he kind of an controlling asshole...excuse me Mr. Control Freak but I am /22 and know when to eat and dry my own hair damn you!
He is also very much a stalker and in real life we call that creepy. Track me by cell phone? Know where I live without me telling you? Umm in real life I am calling the police on your nice booty no matter how tight it is.
Can we also discuss how in real life his list of demands is a recipe for domestic violence? Seriously, thank you for training a new generation of girls to think that is sexy.
Let us also discuss how in real life this book was only written so stay at home moms didn't have to feel like pedophiles when they read Twilight anymore.

Also may we also say that this book has now in real life made elevators probably a very dirty place to be. ;)



Can I also say that I was slightly scared to look at the Google images for 50 Shades of Grey.

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  1. hahahaha!! I sort of hated him in the first book. I now graduated to a love hate relationship with him. Maybe it's just because I want someone to buy me an Audi and a brand-new closet full of expensive clothing. He is borderline posseive and bossy in a way that makes it very easy for girls to interpret into caring.

    But I'm still obsessed with the books and falling for a rich, RICH MAN. He's truly just a man-child!

    Laters, baby!

    P.S. I have always thought of elevators in a perverated way.. now the book, has confirmed this belief for me.