Monday, August 13, 2012

What Boys Do That They Shouldn't

 What Boys Do That They Shouldn't

1. Take forever to text back or don't text back at all.
2. They say one thing and do another.
3."Hey, I'll call or text you tomorrow". Then nothing.
4.One minute they act like they like you. The next nothing.
5. They are confusing.

What Boys Should Do

1. Be the first to text
2. Follow through with what you say
3. Be consistent.
4. Make the first move.
5 Respond to texts within the hour.

What Girls Do That They Shouldn't Do
1. Read to much into everything
2. Act like we aren't interested even if we are
3. Act too interested
4. Ignore the fact that the boy isn't romantic or your ideal.
5. Turn into someone else

What Girls Should Do

1. Take it at face value because if you have to read into it...its not the real thing.
2. Act how you feel. If you are into him act like it. If you aren't then don't.
3. Realize the boy is not going to change. If it sucks now it will suck later.
4.Go on with your life. Do not wait for the boy.
5. BE YOU!!!!

I know I will need a reminder of these when I start to date. Anyone disagree/agree?

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