Saturday, August 11, 2012

Signs of Singleton...

I decided to add a new series to my blog. It going to be called the signs of singleton.
Lets get started with a few...

1.  Your refrigerator only has frozen meals, low fat ice cream, Greek yogurt, vegetables ,crystal light and wine.

2. You start talking to your dog and imagine her replies back.

3. You work out at your apartment gym just to watch cable since you can't afford it on your own.

4. You read the Breakup Bible while eating a frozen meal for one.

5. Ice cream is now ok to have for dinner since you don't have to cook for anyone.

6. When your dog barks it is always at nothing in the middle of the night and from underneath your bed.

7. Every sound you hear is someone coming to rape and kill you especially when you are in the shower.

Yep, all those happened. Don't judge its not nice. Every once in a while I will come back with more as they happen as I am sure they will.


Isnt't the graphic cool? I got it from

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