Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

Lately,  I have seen a lot of " If you really knew me"  blog segments and  as someone who loves to read and give useless facts I decided to join the party even if I'm tardy for the party. Even though the only 3 followers I have do actually in real life know me. I'm sure you girls will love it anyways. Here we go!!

I prefer to drink my liquids through a straw( reduces mess and teeth stains).
I will only drink filtered ice cold water because I hate water( through a straw).
I have recently discovered I enjoy being tan and blonde...I am  naturally the exact opposite.
I only like to watch college football and by that I mean I really only watch Baylor football.
 I love my dog, T- Monster, more than I love most people.  
I am a die hard Hanson fan. New and old music.
I can't stand loud breathers so much that I have to turn my iPod way up when I run or I'll stop just because I can hear my own breathing. 
I have countless bruises and cuts on my legs and arms at any given time that I can not tell you how they got there.
I am obsessed with Pinterest. 
 I love ice cream and cupcakes but don't really like cake.
I love iced I get sad when it gets too cold to drink it love it.
I have countless nicknames because people can't say my real name and I get tired of correcting people on it.
I had a Victoria Secret stripped bathroom in college. The rest of the apartment was teal and lime green.  I was told it looked like the inside of a pinata.
I HATE people who are ALWAYS late. Sometimes late happens, always late is a character flaw.
I believe in hand written thank you notes as a must. 
I am a pre-teen at heart apparently. All my favorite shows and books cater to that age range.
I just ran my 1st 5k in July. I run my 2nd at the end of the month. My goal is to do it in 35 mins. 
 I always need sexual innuendos explained to me therefore if I say something dirty it was probably an accident. 

Enjoy the random facts.

Debating if its smart to put up pictures of me on the blog. Smart = safe. Any feedback?

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  1. I post photos of us. Your real name and last name aren't anywhere on here. And in the settings, you can make it so that it's not searchable on Google. If you want to take some extreme precautions, you can also make this password protected where we have to be invited to read your blog. I think as long as you're smart and not giving out personal information, you'll be fine.