Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Signs of A Singelton continued

 It's that time again. Time for me to express some of the more embarrassing and entertaining parts of living alone and being single.

  1. Shaving your legs in the shower and almost slipping. Resulting with visions of your body being found days later naked only because other tenants complained about the loss of water. 
  2. Changing your dinner plans because you can’t open the bottle of whatever that you need.
  3. Wondering where all the dishes in the sink came from, oh yea from me. 
  4. Showing up to a couples wedding shower with your dog as your date...
  5.  Having a friend set up a blind friend date because shes tired of hearing that you don't have anything to do on Friday night.
  6. Telling yourself the increase in wine intake is because of all the awesome Pinterest projects you can't wait to do.
  7. Enjoying the fact that if you need to strip down after an intense work out with the fan on high no one is going to complain.
  8. Netflixs and Hulu feeds that only have shows you want to watch...awesome
  9.  Alone time no longer has an extra special value since alone time is all the time. 
It's good and bad... at 3am when T- Monster wakes me up for no reason it's bad. When I want to watch a marathon of Parenthood ,because I'm newly addicted with a glass of red wine it's a wonderful thing.
This experience is making me excited to have a roommate again. Countdown to whenever that is!!!


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