Thursday, January 31, 2013

Currently in the Life and Times of Me...

  Sometimes is is hard to find time to just stop and think. I keep a detailed calendar on the front of my fridge with every work assignment, every meeting, every social event and every workout. Yesterday, I looked at it and realized that I had something everyday. When was the last time I took a second and just appreciated the way my life is going? One goal for this year is to become a more positive and relaxed person ( total type A personality here) and that involves slowing down sometimes.  I decided to do a " Currently" post so that I could take the time to acknowledge what is going on in my life.
WATCHING //  Grey's Anatomy. I know I am like 5 years behind the times. The only reason I even watched it now is because A). My little sis  and my best friend are completely addicted/ obsessed/unhealthy attached to this show.  I also don't have cable B). I only have Netflixs and Hulu ( super cheap I don't even turn on my heat when it's freezing out) which has led to me watching every season of a ton of shows in massive marathons. I have a crush on Karave and love Hunt. When they sang Snow Patrol in their musical episode...I died.
LISTENING // I have been a long time fan of Snow Patrol but after seeing them in concert in November that love has turned into an obsession. I have found a new love for songs I use to pass over. I use them to stretch to after my workouts some of them are even on my running playlist. I am currently in love with Just Say Yes, Crack the Shutters, Run and Signal Fire. Signal Fire especially  has been blasted with my windows down recently.
 The perfect words never crossed my mind,
Cause there was nothin' in there but you.
There you are standing right in front of me
There you are standing right in front of me
All this fear falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close, cause I need you to guide me to safety.
- Signal Fire Snow Patrol

PLANNING // A vacation. Good grief I can not wait. I am also planning to be a tour guide in my city this weekend. Experiencing the city where you live from an outsiders view is incredible. It has made me fall in love with my town all over again.

THINKING ABOUT // Distance and if this is something I want to do. Only time will tell.
How much people's first impression of me has changed since I started working out. This past weekend I was told I was obviously a fit person and they could tell I love to workout....really me? Hello, do you not know that I just started running in June? Oh wait you don't because you only know the new me. I was also told my squats were beautiful the other day in the gym. Excuse me, but are you sure you are talking to this former fat girl? It's made me think about how much I've changed and if people are getting to know me or someone new....I don't know yet.

LOOKING FORWARD TO //  Girls Night on Friday. Skyping with Kari!!! Spending the weekend exploring Austin. Working out.

READING // Beautiful Creatures. I want to read it before I see the movie. I love Hunger Games, Twilight and HP so I figured I would love this as well. So far so good but I'm only on page 51.


  • Squats
  • Snow Patrol
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds
  • Reading outside
  • Blue Skies
  • Breezes
  • 85 degrees in January
  • Meeting new people
  • New confidence
  • Smaller size jeans
  • Feeling attractive in workout clothes
  • New attitude

Loving this year so far.

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