Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Already Feel Broke...

New year. New taxes.
It's a cruel cruel world when your paycheck goes down and your rent goes up.
I have till June to figure this out so I just had a mini heart attack not a huge heart attack where I died from the fear.
I need a roommate yall. It's that or I give up the gym membership and being social...which results in me being fat and alone. That is not an option!!
I'm trying not to stress but I hate feeling like I don't have money to spend and save. Key phrase being and save. 
I literally yelled at a mini van for coming too close to my lane while driving yesterday. Not in by lane but too close to it...needless to say this week is a little stressful.
My dear Hanson loving friend sent me the link to the Hanson music video channel on youtube.
Changed my life. My work cubicle is now the happiest place ever.
Let me just ask you "Where's the love? It's not enough. It makes the world go round and round. Where's the love. Just give it up."
That's right world just give it up!!


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