Friday, February 8, 2013

Lent = No more Moo, Oink, Swimmy or Cluck

I'm not Catholic.
I still do lent.
I do it because some of my friends are Catholic.
Big surprise there aren't that many Catholics in the heart of Texas so I do what I can to be supportive.
I'm giving up meat for lent. Why? I think it will be challenging but do able. I honestly don't eat that much meat to begin with. I eat chicken, turkey and salmon. I'm hoping this will help me move away from processed frozen meals and toward healthier and cleaner eating.
I am a bit worried that this is going to lend itself to weight gain.
I think it could lead to a 40 day 40 night carb binge of all the pasta I want.
If anyone has any non pasta related veggie meal ideas. Share them! Otherwise it might be a marathon of veggie burgers and pasta.

Meal ideas to avoid the 40 day carb binge ( ideas stolen from Pinterest) :
  1. Homemade black bean burgers
  2. Spinach pizza crust
  3. Spaghetti  Squash Pasta
  4. Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
  5. Tomato Basil Soup
  6. Quinoa Mac N Cheese
  7. Bikini Rolls
  8. Veggie Lasagna
  9. Spinach Rolls
  10. Stir Fry w/ Tofu
  11. Black bean, corn stuffed sweet potatoes
  12. Quinoa stuffed bell peppers ( Idea totally stolen from Southern Girl Gets Fit)
  13. Veggie tacos
  14. Black bean and Spinach Quesadilla
  15. Baked Parmesan Portabella Mushroom
  16. Veggie Pizza
  17. Zucchini slice pizzas
  18. Spicy Thai Noodles
  19. Beans and Rice
  20. Spinach Enchilada
  21. Salads
Obviously I am going to need some help with this. :(

- J 

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  1. lol yea just make sure you are doing a plant based diet instead of a carb based one! haha thats one of hte problems with being could do it the healthy way or the not so healthy way! good luck!