Monday, February 11, 2013

Left Cheek Right Cheek

Sunday I met a friend at the gym to do one of my new workout routines.
First time that someone looked to me to be the leader in the gym.
First time my name was cursed for killing her legs with squats.
First time that someone was exhausted and sore from doing one of my workouts and I wasn't phased.
Correction, girlfriend can run faster than I can so my attempts to keep up with her on the sprints were killing me but squat and plank wise I kicked butt.
The workout we were doing was semi given to me by my friend, who stole it from the army.
I call it my Training to Kick A** Workout.
What is it?
Sprint for a quarter run like a pack of no sparkling wanna be your boyfriend Zombie's are chasing you.
Then 30 lower body moves. Take your pick of any exercise below :
  •  squats
  • jump squats
  • squats with kicks
  • ballet squats on heels 
  • ballet squats on each individual heel
  • lunges
  • side lunges
  • squats on a bosu
  • donkey kicks
  • bridges
  • fire hydrants
  • barre butt kicks
  • dead lift
  • kettle bell squats
Then 20 upper body moves. Again pick your posion :
  • push ups
  • triceps push ups
  • triceps kick backs
  • bicep curls w/ half way pulses
  • chest flys
  • dips
  • shoulder presses
  • dumb bell rows
Then 10 ab moves. When I do planks I hold them for a full minute
  • plank
  • side planks 
  • plank pulses
  • plank twists
  •  plank tucks
  • bicycles
  • crunches
  • Russian twists with weights
  • superman
  • leg lifts
  • bosu planks
Repeat 5 times choosing a different exercise from each section every time.
I usually add on additional cardio at the end such as jumping jacks, burpees or the elliptical machine.
 I've gotten a little more use to this workout so I think I am going to add in a pyramid. Where I will go 30 20 10 10 20 30.

I love that this workout. It is never the same. Time flies so I don't get bored. I shaved a minute and a half off my 5k time since doing this. My mile time has dropped to 11:30 from 13:00. I call that success.

Make sure you stretch really well afterwards or you will be sorry!

Let me know if you try the workout.  And just because it's my new favorite song to do squats to I will leave you with some T-Pain.
Booty Wurk


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