Monday, July 23, 2012


Officially 25 lbs lost!!
Let us celebrate being back to college weight.
Let us rejoice in losing 40 more lbs so that I am smoking hot.
The best revenge is to be smoking hot, healthy and moving on.
How do you know when its ok to move on?
It's been two months. I know that isn't a long time but it feels like it.
I also feel like it was over before it was officially over.
I know they say it should take a month per year you were together to move on but that's just a guess.
Forget the rumor of estimated months. How do I really know? There aren't going to be song birds like in the movies. There wont be some aw ha moment.What will really show me that its ok to try something new?
Do I pass up a possible experience because my 5 month sentence is less than half way done or do I find a way to make it different?
I really want to be friends with my next relationship. There was no friendship with the last one and if someone is to become your best friend they have to start as a friend.

So here is to making friends who fall in love with the real me.


1 comment:

  1. There is no timeline. It took me two years before I was ready for another relationship. You have to trust your heart. Don't pass up on something because you have a "set time" and don't jump into something just because your time is up. Enjoy being single and discovering you.