Sunday, July 15, 2012


I haven't been able to write in a while due to being sans computer but that problem is all solved now.
Whats new?
I am addicted to Vampire Diaries. Stefan is gorgeous. I think he and I will make gorgeous melodramatic babies. The music is also amazing.
I have had to restart the no contact timeline over...twice. Ugh, breaking connections is hard.
I am realizing that I am slightly boy crazy. I like male attention. Let's blame it on daddy issues and the boost in confidence contemplating someone being attracted to you brings. I will consciously try to work on this. I doubt people want to hear me talk about boys like a 16 year old.
 I have no gay dar and worse I have no date dar. What is just hanging out and what means more?
How do you tell?
Can guys and girls be just friends? I think so. I do think that more than likely at one point they will each think it might be more than friendship. Most likely that "what if" time will not occur at the same time. If it does then that's when you have proceed to dating. If it doesn't then you end up with a few awkward moments before the feeling of it being more becomes absurd to you. Then its over and you feel foolish.
How do you know when the friendship is just starting?
Ughh again connections are hard ,beginning and ending them.


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  1. I totally had problems with the I just want to be friends aspect. I was upfront with all of the guys I hung out with and even made sure that all bills were split 50/50 so as to not lead them on. Most of them got it... one didn't so that was the end of hanging out with him. Don't ever hang out in a situation that could lead to "physical-ness"! It's so hard to resist because, like you said, attention is nice. But, yes, enjoy being single and all the wonderful opportunities it brings!