Friday, July 6, 2012

Lists: the ultimate reminder and guide

I could not work or function on a basic level without lists and caffeine.
I am a list person.
Lists rock.
They provide direction.
It's a great reminder of where you wanted to go before you got lazy.
It is hard to argue with something written in black and white.
I have made countless lists this month: moving, interview, grocery, 30 b4 30, what I want in a relationship, what I need to change, what went wrong and why I should never go back. Why not make another?
My list today is simple. It's how to move on in a healthy way.

1. No contact, text, email or in person with the EX for a solid month. ( I'm sure this will turn into a longer period but the first key to reaching your goals is breaking them into small tasks.)
2. No dating, No boys. No physical-ness ( so not a word but who cares?) with said boys for at least 3 months. ( They say it takes a month per year you were with the person to be over the break up so I am sure this one will turn into a longer period as well but again lets start small!)
3. Enjoy being single. Enjoy being free. Enjoy not having to worry about anyone else but the Tallie monster.
4. Discover who I am so that I can find someone who loves that person instead of the other way around.

Now that I made these goals public I am now held accountable with them. Not only can I not argue with the letters but I can not argue with you, my dear blog.

Here's to accountability aka little voices saying" hey remember when you said you wanted to accomplish this? You do? Then you should probably not do that"...


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